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Journal of Microwave Surgery CONTENTS

Volume.31 No.1 (2013)
p.1 Original Article

Volumetric Assessment of Single Application, Single Antenna Microwave Ablation of Liver Lesions on Computed Tomography Imaging

Erin M. Hanna1 Kerri A. Simo1 John B. Martinie1 David A. Iannitti1 David Sindram1 

1Department of General Surgery, Division of Hepatobiliary Surgery 

p.11 Review Article

過多月経に対するマイクロ波子宮内膜アブレーション(MEA : microwave endometrial ablation)の有効性、再発、合併症の検討

中山 健太郎1 石橋 朋佳1 石川 雅子1 片桐 敦子1 片桐 浩1 宮崎 康二1 


p.17 Review Article


中山 健太郎1 宮崎 康二1