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Katsuyoshi Tabuse, MD, Editor in chief, Journal of Microwave Surgery, c/o Department of Surgery, National Hospital Organization Osaka Minami Medical Center, 2-1, Kidohigashi-machi, Kawachinagano City, Osaka, 586-8521, japan.

Editor's Message

Dear colleagues,

A specified nonprofit corporation, Study Group of Microwave Surgery is an NPO corporate body registered with Osaka Prefecture on February 19, 2004. Our parent organization is a study group of microwave surgery, which was launched as a voluntary group in 1983. Our objectives are: (1) To extensively promote businesses regarding the application of electromagnetic waves in medical science, focusing on microwaves. (2) To collaborate with companies and bodies such as relevant academies. (3) To contribute to the progress and development of clinical medicine and medical engineering by educating healthcare personnel and spreading knowledge. (4) To globally contribute to the development of academic cultures and the medical welfare of human beings. As you know, microwave surgery is attracting international attention as a medical field launched in Japan.

The Journal of Microwave Surgery was registered in J-STAGE, the electronic journal system operated by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), in May 2007. Vol. 13 to 25 (the latest issue) have already been published. Past issues vol. 1 to 12 will be published as electronic journals gradually in the future.

The journals published on J-STAGE cover not only the medical field but also broad scientific fields such as engineering, chemistry, and physics. In addition, the JST Link Center that J-STAGE employs has a contract with a rapidly developing body, CrossRef, so the electronic journals published on J-STAGE provide access to a variety of national and international journals bi-directionally. We expect that more researchers will access the Journal of Microwave Surgery because of this registration in J-STAGE.

Now Japan is at the forefront of medical technologies. When it comes to the next generation, aiming at contributing to medical science globally, we want to spread technology launched in Japan all over the world. We are currently constructing a DVD library to make up for the delay up until now, and are preparing for publication in April 2009. We want to continue activities believing that this system will be utilized as a reference to create new technologies based on previous ones using these videos, as the proverb “take a lesson from the past” says, and we can take on an important role in medical welfare. Thank you for assisting our society.

Editor and President
The Study Group of Microwave Surgery

Katsuyoshi Tabuse MD.PhD.